Sourdough Grissini

Love sourdough? Here’s your chance to try out an easy starter recipe! 🙂

Little House Bliss

Sourdough GrissiniBet you’ll never guess whatI’ve been baking up lately.  Because it’s definitely not a sourdough recipe – I mean, it’s not like I love baking with sourdough starter or anything.  Um…just kidding?

It has been a long time since I’ve had grissini – this crunchy, crackery version of breadsticks.  I used to buy them, and their mini-bagel shaped cousins, Taralli, when I studied in Italy.  Back in the US, I forgot all about them until a couple of weeks ago when I absent-mindedly left some pizza reheating in the oven for a bit too long.  The too-crunchy crust tasted exactly like grissini and I knew I needed to learn how to make them. And because I like a challenge, I figured I might as well make a sourdough version!

These aren’t a snack that you can make on a whim – you’ll need to plan ahead because the dough rises overnight.  It is…

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