Believe in your dreams ..

My mother passed away 2 1/2 years ago. She was a wise courageous strong woman who lived by her convictions and wasn’t afraid to say no to life, or pursuing her dreams. She was an amazing single mother and I owe so much to her. She continues to inspire me, even though she’s physically gone, her vivacious spirit lives on and can be seen in the wonders of mother nature, whether it be a blue dragonfly or a monarch butterfly coming by for a visit. I’ve been told I am blessed to have the spirit of my Mom so close. Whenever I am stressed or worried, she’ll come to me in my dreams, reassuring me I am on the “right” path and to not give up. I dream’t of her last night and today I got some wonderful news. This goes to show, never give up on the spirits of loved ones passed .. the more open you are to receiving their energy, the more so there’s an opportunity for them to “visit.” Before my Mom passed away we spoke of what we’d like to come back to earth as .. she said: “Butterflies or my dog ..” .. so as I watch my dog Nola play, I laugh and smile .. knowing my Mom is never far. I miss my Mom, but am happy knowing she’s here with me in spirit. Hug and tell those close to you, you love them because you never know the next time you may have that chance. ❤


Believe in your dreams ..

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