A Little bit of love, goes a long way!

“I believe in a thing called love ..” Yes, I do. The simple act of telling someone they’re loved, can go a long way. If everyone each day, did something to “pay it forward” .. the world would be a better place. This can be as simple as, saying “Good Morning” to your neighbor, holding the door open for a person shopping, bringing someone a bunch of flowers, sending a family member a card to cheer them up. The act of ‘Paying it Forward’ does not need to involve $$ .. Often the best gifts, come from the heart. What can you do to make someone’s day? Is it bringing a friend/family member going through chemo/cancer treatment lunch? Visiting someone in the hospital? Caring for your neighbor’s pets while they’re away? Giving a new mom some respite time, by sitting with their baby during nap time? Volunteering your time in some way? Take a moment to think on it, and then act! Sending extra love and TLC out to those in need ❤

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
— Robert A. Heinlein


A Little bit of love, goes a long way!

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