The Importance of Love and Laughter ..

~ Happy Saturday: Some food for thought ~

The photo is of my sweet Nola smiling upside down, prepping himself for his ‘morning belly rub’ .. yes, each morning before getting up, he’ll roll over onto his back, glance at me with a quirky smile and say .. ‘I’m ready!’ .. He is ‘love’ walking .. ❤ Here are some of my favorite quotes .. sometimes, others are able to "say it best" ❤

Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection ❤ Yakov Smirnoff

I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and you laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom ❤ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I think laughter may be a form of courage. As humans we sometimes stand tall and look into the sun and laugh, and I think we are never more brave than when we do that ❤ Linda Ellerbee

A day without laughter is a day wasted ❤ Charlie Chaplin

With love, enjoy your day, make sure to do something to make the day beautiful!

Peace out!


The Importance of Love and Laughter ..

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