There is no true time limit on grief or the grieving process. “Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming.” The important thing to remember is you know yourself best, no one else. It’s okay to be angry, cry, laugh, be joyful. Please don’t feel guilty about feeling happiness or joy. Getting to this point in the process is a mile stone. When life becomes truly overwhelming: take deep breaths and take a moment to remember those you love. What would they want for you? Be open to signs .. these mean your loved ones are coming through and looking out for you. I feel my mother around me all the time. I just yesterday saw a baby dragonfly ~ a sign my mom’s spirit was close by. How do you remember your loved ones? Do they come visit in spirit? In your dreams? .. if they haven’t yet, there’s still time for them to. If they haven’t yet, it may mean you’re closing off this healing energy, due to fear, sadness .. sending love out today to those who are in need. ❤


For those who tell you “move past” your grief ..

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