Mother's Day when you no longer have a Mom ..

I was unsure about what to write about here, but after seeing a very dear friend of mine grieving for the loss of a dear friend, a woman who’s more or less become an “adoptive Mom” to her I felt I needed to share my thoughts.

For oh so many, the beginning of May brings feelings of true “spring” and celebrating Mother’s Day. I lost my Mom about 3 years ago to Leukemia. The first Mother’s Day without her I felt nothing but frustration at hearing all the many “radio and TV” commercials for how to celebrate the Mom in your life. The second, since her death was not as traumatic. I got a lovely potted floral arrangement to set atop her grave stone, all her favorite flowers. Spring was her favorite time of year. This year, I will not be in Maine to honor my Mom and the holiday feels removed and distant.

For those of us who’ve lost their Mother/Grandmother/Aunt it’s important to remember we can still celebrate them, honor and love them on this day. They will remain with us in spirit always. So, how do you celebrate? This is up to you .. what were some of your Mother’s favorite things? Flowers, the ocean, the mountains .. perhaps go for a hike and have a picnic .. if she loved Angel food cake like my mother did, bake a cake, light a candle atop, and make a wish .. strawberries? Why not take a few of your close friends berry picking? If you have photos, make a photo collage or album. By honoring those who have passed, we stay present. It’s also perfectly a-okay to cry and boycott the holiday.

Grief creeps back in on these kind of days. It’s okay to be angry, but in the end, take a moment to honor those who have passed? What would they say? Would they want you to be happy? Of course they do. Carrying on with life is imperative after loss .. but a mantra I repeat to myself when overwhelmed .. “there is no pre-set time limit to grief” .. in the end – finding joy, wonder and magic in life is essential.

Sending love, light and healing energy out to those who need a little extra .. ❤


Mother’s Day when you no longer have a Mom ..

One thought on “Mother’s Day when you no longer have a Mom ..

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Mother’s Day and grief you feel. It helps others to know it’s okay to feel this way. I especially like your idea of doing something positive in remembrance of the person you lost.

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